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36 Cells Poly Solar Panel 100w Solar Module

Serial number
SW100P-36 / SW105P-36
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1. Key Features


  • High efficiency solar cell, conversion efficiency up to18%.
  • Excellent power generation performance under low-light irradiation environments.
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust.
  • High salt and ammonia resistence certified by TUV.
  • Anodized aluminum anti-corrosion frame, certified to withstand extremly bad outdoor conditions, heavy wind, snow, etc.
  • 100% EL test.
  • Consistent color appearance
2. Parameters




Widely be used for solar energy systems, on-grid / off-grid solar energy system, solar energy power station, large scale

solar power plants,  portable solar power, portable solar system, solar street lights, solar insecticidal lamp, solar lamps,

solar pump system, solar energy application products, communication power supply, etc.

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