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Large-scale solar power

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product composition

Grid-connected solar power system mainly consists of the following several parts: solar module array, AC/DC lightning protection system, the Bus system, grid inverter,  power distribution system Booster system and so on.


1.Using clean, renewable natural solar  energy  to generate power instead of using non-renewable and limited resources of carbon-containing fossil energy, there is no greenhouse gases and pollutants discharge in the process , which makes ecological environment harmonious and in line with the economic and social sustainable development strategy.

2.Power energy can store into the  Mains Supply, to use the power grid as the energy storage device to dispensing with battery , whose construction investment may reduce 35% to 45% than the independent solar PV systems , thus reduce it’s power generation cost greatly. Meantime ,Saving battery to avoid the secondary pollution of battery, and can improve the MTBF of the system.

3.The PV solar modules perfectly combines with the buildings , make it not only generate power can but also be used as building materials and decoration materials. Ensure the material resources be made fully use to play a variety of functions, not only is beneficial to reduce the construction cost, and it also improve the technology content of the buildings, which can increase the "selling point".

4.The distributed construction provide nearby decentralized power supply, flexible entrying and exiting into the mains supply both conducive to enhance the ability of power system to resist war and disasters, and to improve power system load balancing, besides, it also can reduce the loss of line.

5.Grid-connected solar power system can balance the power supply in the city.The world's developed countries’ are  striving to develop it as hot spots for competing in the field of PV solar applications  , is the world's mainstream development trend of solar PV power generation.The grid-connected solar power system owns huge market and broad prospects.



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