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Off-grid Solar power system is generally composed of solar module array, solar charge controller, battery, off-grid inverter, DC loads and AC loads, etc. When under the sunlight ,the solar module convert solar energy into electricity and go through the solar charge controller to provide the loads with electricity, at the same time to recharge the batteries; In the absence of sunlight, the
battery provide electricity to the DC loads through the solar charge controller , at the same time the battery also directly charge the independent inverter and convert DC current to AC current then provide electricity to AC loads.


1.The residents’ daily power consumption in the remote areas where without electricity: Including lighting , TV, washing machine and deep water drinking, irrigation and other production and living
power consumption.

2.The field of traffic:Including light beacon light, traffic/railway signal lights, traffic warning sign lamp, street lamp ect.

3.Auto accessories and solar car/electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automobile air conditioner, fan, refrigerator, etc.

4.Communication field :including solar energy unattended microwave relay station, fiber optic cable maintenance station, radio/communication/paging power system

5.The oil, ocean, meteorology field: Including petroleum pipeline and reservoir gate cathodic protection solar power supply system, oil drilling platform ect.

6.Life and emergency power:Including ocean detection equipment, weather/ hydrological observation equipment ect.

7.Other portable appliances, seawater desalination equipment power supply, etc.


emergency power

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